Office Jerk Cheats

Working in an office can get pretty boring especially if you do tons of paperwork which can drain the fun out of you. To make matters worse, you have co-workers that are know-it-all and suck up to the boss every chance they get. Sometimes you just wish you could throw your coffee mug in their face, but cannot since you fear the consequences that will come next. That is something you cannot do in real life but is perfectly all right in the world of Office Jerk, a game for your iOS device. In this officemate-bashing simulation, you are free to throw whatever you want at him. Whether it’s a coffee mug, a pencil or even a holiday turkey the office jerk will just sit there and take it.

If you have already downloaded the app and working your way to get all the items you can throw at the guy sitting in front, you may realize that certain achievements are harder to get than others. In fact, you may not even know that there are goals you can get while playing the game at all. Getting some tips and tricks for playing Office Jerk can surely raise the bar in your level of enjoyment with this game, which you will be able to read shortly. The main cheats in this game all have something to do with unlocking certain achievements as well as destroying more stuff by using the right objects to throw. By the end of this guide, you will have at least a few new ideas how to torment the office goody-two-shoes.

One of the more worthwhile achievements you can unlock is the “long distance call” on your checklist. What you need to do is throw objects at him until he faces you, in which you have to throw the cell phone to his face. Eventually, he will be able to catch the phone, turn back to his desk and start talking on it. Then, you can cross the item off your list. An achievement that you can unlock easily is getting the “banging keyboard”. Just throw as much of the pies and cupcakes at his computer or desk and it will eventually crash the unit. As soon as his computer crashes, you will have already unlocked this achievement.

You may have noticed the fan that moves from one end to another and affects the direction of the objects you throw. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can also use that fan as a weapon. Simply tap it and the fan will load onto your desk which you can throw at the other guy. Finally, here is a simple technique to get easy high scores in Office Jerk. While you are playing, there will be a star which appears that has the words “try me” in it. When the object is a golf ball, use it throw in the mug and this will give you high scores. Do it over and over again but don’t hit the door or the guy. Otherwise, the cheat will be over.