Office Jerk Checklist

Office Jerk is a fun game that you can play when you are bored or when you are feeling a little naughty and want to do something mischievous to your officemate. But of course, you would not want to that or you will be reprimanded by your boss. This game is a way of letting out that evil inside you and let you hit that jerk in the office (through the game) without causing real trouble. The Office Jerk checklist contains different things that you need to do to get a trophy. The Office Jerk achievement trophy that you will get can be thrown at that jerk too.

How to Play Office Jerk

Office Jerk was only available for iOS users when it was first released. But now, even Android users can enjoy this hilarious game. Download this game for free on your mobile phone and have a great time throwing stuffs at the jerk in the office. There are various things that you can throw at that guy you hate, which you can see around the game screen. Tap on the item and aim at the jerk to hit him. As you progress with the game and increase your score some items will be unlocked, which you can use for hitting your target. You will receive a coin for playing the game and another coin for completing the daily challenge. So the most number of coins that you can earn per day is 2. You can use the coins that you earned for purchasing premium items like the turkey, No Ads mug, pink bubble gum, dynamite and bee hive. Tap on the office organizer to check on the available weapons that you can use, as well as their price. Make sure that you play and complete the challenge everyday to earn the coins that you need for purchasing specific weapon. You may also buy coins using real money so you can purchase the items quickly. Tapping on the office organizer will also show you the challenges that you need to complete. Completed challenges will have a checkmark next to them.

Daily Office Jerk Challenges Checklist

Here are some of the challenges that you need to complete not only to earn coins but also to get the trophy.

Office Jerk Globetrotter – hit the left shoulder of the jerk using a soda can. If you hit the target, you will see him roll the can down to his left arm, then roll it back to his shoulder. He will roll the can across his back then down to his right arm.

Office Jerk Depth Charge – you will need a dynamite to complete this checklist. Throw it to his coffee mug and if you got it right, you will earn a coin for this challenge.

Office Jerk Coffee Spray – use the yummy cupcake for this challenge. Throw it aiming on the jerk’s coffee mug. If it gets in, you earn a coin.

Office Jerk Double Dart – hit the jerk with any items that you see in the office. Once he turns to look at you, take this opportunity to hit his eyeglasses with darts. If you were able to hit both sides of his eyeglasses with darts, then you get the challenge completed.