Office Jerk Game

If you work in an office you probably know how boring it can get, and to top it all having the usual office jerk doesn’t help either. You know the type – he always sucks up to the boss, rats out on people and knows pretty much everything, well, at least he think he does. Don’t you just wanna make his life miserable? Admit it, you want him to quit his job right? Luckily for you, perhaps you won’t in real life, but you can find your vengeance in Office Jerk game!

Office Jerk is a free app that in game purchases. Made by Fluik entertainment and Big Fat Simulations, Office Jerk offers you the chance to be the office bully, something you always wanted deep inside, am i right or am i right? In Office Jerk, you have various weapons at your disposal and try to hit the Office Jerk as often as you can. You have mini quests and game achievements, where you have to throw a variety of items and hit a bunch of them on a row to advance to the next challenge and acquire a new set of weapons!

Sound easy and pointless? Well, not quite! See it’s not all just about throwing these items and using them weapons, it’s also about aiming and being accurate, as well as factoring in wind and other obstacles. You have to weight-in the wind to you flick your finger with the appropriate strength and correct motion in order to hit the Jerk. I guess you can say this is a game of dexterity, aiming and lots and lots of fun!

Start with the basics – throw a paper on his head, like you did at junior high and stuff your face in your desk pretending nothing had happened. Mix in some pencils and pens until you beginning to feel more accurate, and then start getting creative. And by creative i mean start using the real weapons that inflict some serious pain. And oh boy, there are plenty of them in this game!

Finally, join the big league… Throw overly friendly octopuses that have a tendency to hug jerk’s brains out, a huge stapler, a pie and many many more.