Office Jerk Guide

There would never be a boring day because Office Jerk is here to make everything fun. By playing this game, you can hit two birds in one stone. It’s not only an enjoyable way to kill the time but it will also let you take your revenge to that jerk at work that you really hate. Well, you wouldn’t really hit the real jerk but pretending that he’s the jerk on the game is the next best thing. This Office Jerk guide will give you the tips and tricks on how to play the game well and knock off that irritating guy in the office. Download and install the application on your phone so you can play this anytime, anywhere.

Playing the game is pretty easy. There are various things around the office that you can throw on that jerk while he’s sitting and working seriously on his office desk. Some of the things that you will see around the office that you can use for hitting the jerk are cupcakes, stapler and coffee mug. Hit the jerk successfully and you’ll get points. Hitting the jerk on the head will give you 2 points, hitting him on the face is worth 3 points and other shots are worth 1 point. The trick is to hit him on the head or face to get more points. Take into consideration the speed and direction of the wind when throwing the items to your target. The arrow that you see on the cupcake determines the wind direction while the number is the speed.

You can earn a maximum of 2 coins per day. Playing the game will automatically earn you a coin. Completing the daily challenge will gain you another coin. Tap on the piggy bank to see how many coins you have. This will also show you the challenge for the day. Collect more coins to purchase new items that you can throw at the jerk like dynamite and whole chicken. Some of the items are premium so you can only get them using real money. There is a checklist of the challenges that you need to complete to get a trophy. Getting this trophy is a huge achievement as this means that you’ve been great in hitting that jerk.

 Tap the file organizer to see the checklist that you must complete to gain the trophy. You may be wondering how you can complete all of those challenges in the list. That’s normal since some of them may seem difficult to do. But don’t worry because this Office Jerk guide will show you the easy way to complete your goal. Here are some of the challenging game achievements and how to do them:

Gesundheit! – You might think it’s difficult to do but it’s not. It just seems hard because of the term used. Throw a bag of flour to that jerk and you’ll have this completed.

Poster Smash – This needs the right timing so you need to consider the speed and direction of the wind. Use the stapler or phone and throw it on the direction of the poster. Try throwing when the wind’s speed is at 2.6 blowing to the left.

Water Cooler Squirt – Repeatedly hit the cooler with a pencil until it gets a hole. This may take some time but be patient and you’ll eventually get this.