Office Jerk Tips

Playing Office Jerk is fun. However, it will be more enjoyable if you win a trophy for completing various tasks. The trophy you won can also be thrown to that jerk office mate on the game. The tips and tricks below will help you complete your goals to get that much coveted trophy. The game is pretty simple as you can throw any items that you see in the office to the jerk. The electric fan will have an effect on the direction of the items that you throw so consider this when aiming your hit.

First, here are some options that you can use on the game:

  1. View the checklists and the current items that you can throw by clicking the office organizer.
  2. The arrow that you see below the cupcake determines the direction of the wind while the number specifies its speed.
  3. Clicking on the piggy bank will tell how many coins you collected by hitting the office jerk. You can earn coins by playing the game and by winning the challenge for the day. These coins will let you get more items to use in the game.

And now, here are the tips and tricks that you need to complete the game’s checklists. Some of them are easy to do while some would require practice in order to succeed. However, all of them are achievable. So if you really want that trophy, it’s time to start completing your goals.

  1. I’m Watching You: Keep hitting him with the paper ball and he’ll eventually tell you that he’s watching you.
  2. Banging Keyboard: Get the pencil and aim it on his computer monitor until it turns off. You will get the bang that you’re waiting for.
  3. Broken LCD: Hit the computer monitor with a small item yet heavy enough to cause it to break. Try using the blackberry or stapler. If you hit your aim, you’ll see a crack on the screen.
  4. Broken Window: Hit the window with a stapler or blackberry to break.
  5. Coffee Cup Dunk and Coffee Spray: Get the cupcake and aim to shoot it on the coffee cup. Be patient because this may need several tries to succeed. If you didn’t make it on the first try, do it again until you complete the task.
  6. Dizzy Canaries and Dizzy Spirals/Stars: Make him dizzy until he sees birds flying around his head by throwing anything heavy at the back of his head.
  7. Ear Pencil: Keep throwing the pencil so it will get in his ear.
  8. Eraser Snack: Shut his mouth by throwing the eraser until it enters his mouth.
  9. Fan in the Face Scream: This may sound a little brutal but it sure is hilarious when you see his reaction. Throw the fan at him until he looks back.

10. Gesundheit!: Get the flour and hit him on his face with it.

11. Giant Pie Face Lick: Throw a pie to his face. You can get the pie at the arsenal window.

12. Golf Ball Swallow: Throw the golf ball and make him swallow it.

13. Hands on Head Taunt: Throw anything at him and if you miss, you’ll clear this checklist.

14. Head Lump: Put a bump on his head by throwing something heavy at the back of his head.

15. Keyboard Facial Imprint: Let his face kiss the keyboard by hitting him hard with the monitor.

16. Laughing Taunt: Intentionally miss your aim when you throw the paper towards him. This will make him look at you and laugh.

17. Long Distance Call: Throw the mobile phone while the jerk is looking at you.

18. Monitor to the Face: As the term implies, smash the monitor to his face.

19. Nasal Pencil: Wait for the jerk to look at you then aim to hit him on his nose.

20. Paper Tantrum Revenge: Keep throwing the paper ball to the jerk until he throws it back to you.

21. Phone Swallow: Throw the phone at him so he’ll swallow it just like the golf ball.

22. Poster Smash: Use something to hit the picture on his left side.

23. Scoreboard Toss: Throw the scoreboard towards the jerk.

24. Snickering: Throw anything and keep on missing.

25. Water Cooler Squirt: Continue throwing the pencil at the water cooler to put a hole in it. This is a bit difficult to do but keep on trying until you make it.

These tips and tricks will get you your much deserved trophy for the Office Jerk game.